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South Hams Chess Club

Torbay Chess League Knockout Competition

South Hams Chess Club is fielding a team in the Knockout Competition of the Torbay Chess League, competing against Newton Abbot, Plymouth and Teignmouth.  Games played in this competition are submitted to the ECF Rapidplay grading database.

In this competition, each team consists of six players, with a maximum team grade of Under 750. The rate of play is 60 minutes plus 30 seconds per move (starting from move 1). The away team has white on the odd-numbered boards.

Please visit the Torbay Chess League web page for the latest team standings, and our fixtures and results page for the team's fixtures for the current season.

Knockout Draw

The draw for the Knockout Competition was made at the Torbay League Autumn Council Meeting on 20th September 2017:

Preliminary RoundSemi-FinalsFinalWinner
TBGS (H) TBGS (H) Plymouth Plymouth
Teignmouth (A)
Bye Plymouth (A)
Newton Abbot (H) Torbay (H) Torbay
Torbay (A)
Bye South Hams (A)
South Hams

Individual Player Statistics

Here are the current player statistics for South Hams players in the RapidPlay Competition during the 2017-18 season:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Wilkinson, Ben138162703L1100147197100.01.0
Levy, Steve179134450L935117919061.15.5
Levy, Steve179134450L1100139189100.01.0
Archer, David154300734A1151515915950.05.5
Schofield, James156310014F1033415014545.04.5
Wilkinson, Ben138162703L1365213014565.48.5
Russell, Dennis118214868H211011313875.01.5
Fowler, James86277497F220082132100.02.0
McConnell, Phil128285386D1252512412450.06.0
Greenhalgh, Roy113134641G84319111368.85.5
Peach, Cliff106116851E202011011050.01.0
Willcox, Chris111308555H420210310350.02.0
Zaffiro, Oliver63304562G110050100100.01.0
Doble, Arthur55315610C2101959550.01.0
McConnell, Phil128285386D1001141910.00.0
Ashby, Ken97181837F8323909050.04.0
Ashby, Ken97181837F1001125750.00.0
Davies, Alan92304962A9414707350.04.5
Greenhalgh, Roy113134641G1001120700.00.0
Savage, Jim88309192C1001104540.00.0
Sweetman, Barry76285526E3102695233.31.0
Belli, John76300901E100194440.00.0
Phaneuf, Devrim40315077L200298300.00.0
Collins, Tony77173334F200268180.00.0
Thomas, Richard70313010B100168180.00.0
Davies, Alan92304962A10015020.00.0
, 0000000.00.0

Overall Team Statistics

Matches Played:1
Matches Won:0
Matches Drawn:0
Matches Lost:1
Match Points:0
Average South Hams Team Grade:747
Average Opponents Team Grade:722

TCL Knockout: Torbay v South Hams 15 Jan 2018

Bd Torbay Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Mills, Nathan B 139 272540L 0-1 Levy, Steve W 179 134450L View
2 Halmkin, Peter W 147 147620J 0-1 Wilkinson, Ben B 138 162703L View
3 Greenaway, Terence B 141 156363E 1-0 McConnell, Phil W 128 285386D View
4 Ross-Andrews, Graham W 120 312980K 1-0 Greenhalgh, Roy B 113 134641G Submit
5 Cockerton, Mark B 125 227246F 1-0 Ashby, Ken W 97 181837F Submit
6 Lewis, Tom W 50 313743A 1-0 Davies, Alan B 92 304962A Submit
Overall Match7224-2747
Bd Torbay Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Mills, Nathan 139 0-1 Levy, Steve 179 View
2 Halmkin, Peter 147 0-1 Wilkinson, Ben 138 View
3 Greenaway, Terence 141 1-0 McConnell, Phil 128 View
4 Ross-Andrews, Graham 120 1-0 Greenhalgh, Roy 113 Submit
5 Cockerton, Mark 125 1-0 Ashby, Ken 97 Submit
6 Lewis, Tom 50 1-0 Davies, Alan 92 Submit
Overall Match7224-2747