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DCCA Mamhead Challenge Cup

In 2018-19, South Hams has a team competing in the Devon County Chess Association (DCCA) Division 2 League, also known as the Mamhead Challenge Cup. The league is named after Lord Mamhead - Sir Robert Newman MP - who became the DCCA's third president in 1920. The Keverel Chess website has an interesting article on Sir Robert and Mamhead House, including a picture of the Challenge Cup.

The Mamhead is a 4-board competition, with an aggregate grade limit for each match of Under 640. There is no limit on individual player grades.

The Mamhead is a Saturday competition in order to enable teams from throughout Devon to travel to their away fixtures. The generous time controls - each player starts with 90 minutes, with 30 seconds added afer each move - are intended to encourage a high standard of chess!

In the 2018-19 season, South Hams has home fixtures against Plymouth and Barnstaple, and away fixtures against Newton Abbot and Exmouth.

Except when otherwise agreed between team captains, South Hams home matches in the Mamhead Challenge Cup will be played at the club's normal venue - the Regal Club, Kingsbridge.

The South Hams team captain is Steve Levy, who can be contcted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The DCCA competition rules can be downloaded here.

Fixtures and Results

You can apply a filter to the fixtures by typing into the Filter box. For example, if you type Ply then only the fixtures against Plymouth will be displayed.

Click on a match score to view the game results for the match concerned. If the word "Report" appears against a particular match, then when you view the game results you will also see the match report.

DateCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
15 Dec 2018MamhNewton AbbotSouth HamsL3½-½
19 Jan 2019MamhSouth HamsPlymouthW3-1
23 Feb 2019MamhExmouthSouth HamsL3½-½
30 Mar 2019MamhSouth HamsBarnstaple
DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
Saturday15 Dec 2018DCCA MamheadMamhNewton AbbotSouth HamsL3½-½
Saturday19 Jan 2019DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsPlymouthW3-1
Saturday23 Feb 2019DCCA MamheadMamhExmouthSouth HamsL3½-½
Saturday30 Mar 2019DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsBarnstaple

Individual Player Statistics

Here are the current player statistics for South Hams players in the DCCA Mamhead Division during the 2018-19 season:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Archer, David156300734A1100163213100.01.0
Schofield, James139310014F211015417975.01.5
Levy, Steve190134450L311117617650.01.5
McConnell, Phil124285386D2002148980.00.0
Peach, Cliff107116851E2002136850.00.0
Ashby, Ken99181837F1001132820.00.0
Hurt, Trevor84316056H1001142740.00.0

Overall Team Statistics

Matches Played:3
Matches Won:1
Matches Drawn:0
Matches Lost:2
Match Points:2
Average South Hams Team Grade:549.7
Average Opponents Team Grade:613

DCCA Mamhead: Newton Abbot v South Hams 15 Dec 2018

Bd Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Brusey, Alan W B 174 107557D 1-0 Levy, Steve W 190 134450L View
2 Thynne, Trefor F W 168 120405B ½-½ Schofield, James B 139 310014F Submit
3 Blackmore, Joshua P B 138 290737K 1-0 McConnell, Phil W 124 285386D Submit
4 Taylor, Wilfred RP W 123 182650F 1-0 Peach, Cliff B 107 116851E Submit
Overall Match6033½-½560
Bd Newton Abbot Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Brusey, Alan W 174 1-0 Levy, Steve 190 View
2 Thynne, Trefor F 168 ½-½ Schofield, James 139 Submit
3 Blackmore, Joshua P 138 1-0 McConnell, Phil 124 Submit
4 Taylor, Wilfred RP 123 1-0 Peach, Cliff 107 Submit
Overall Match6033½-½560

DCCA Mamhead: South Hams v Plymouth 19 Jan 2019

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Plymouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Levy, Steve W 190 134450L 1-0 Twine, David B 177 120725J View
2 Archer, David B 156 300734A 1-0 Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H W 163 157349E View
3 Schofield, James W 139 310014F 1-0 Wilby, Robert G B 139 155624B View
4 Ashby, Ken B 99 181837F 0-1 Quinn, Martin W 132 214755F Submit
Overall Match5843-1611
Bd South Hams Grade Res Plymouth Grade PGN
1 Levy, Steve 190 1-0 Twine, David 177 View
2 Archer, David 156 1-0 Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H 163 View
3 Schofield, James 139 1-0 Wilby, Robert G 139 View
4 Ashby, Ken 99 0-1 Quinn, Martin 132 Submit
Overall Match5843-1611

DCCA Mamhead: Exmouth v South Hams 23 Feb 2019

Bd Exmouth Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Abbott, Mark V B 177 129415F ½-½ Levy, Steve W 190 134450L View
2 Shaw, Meyrick W 157 290163J 1-0 McConnell, Phil B 124 285386D View
3 Murray, J Stephen B 149 116002D 1-0 Peach, Cliff W 107 116851E Submit
4 Dean, Alan J W 142 304816A 1-0 Hurt, Trevor B 84 316056H Submit
Overall Match6253½-½505
Bd Exmouth Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Abbott, Mark V 177 ½-½ Levy, Steve 190 View
2 Shaw, Meyrick 157 1-0 McConnell, Phil 124 View
3 Murray, J Stephen 149 1-0 Peach, Cliff 107 Submit
4 Dean, Alan J 142 1-0 Hurt, Trevor 84 Submit
Overall Match6253½-½505