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South Hams Chess Club

Dunleavy League 2019-20

Please visit the 2019-20 overview of internal competitions for an explanation of the Dunleavy League.

The players playing in the Dunleavy League for the 2019-20 season are as follows.
  • Dennis Cowley (183e)
  • David Archer (166)
  • James Schofield (148)
  • Phil McConnell (118)
  • Alan Davies (106)
  • Roy Greenhalgh (104)
  • Ken Ashby (98)
  • Arthur Doble (93)
  • Tony Collins (67)

Current Results Matrix for the 2019-20 Season

Archer, David166-0-11-01-1--1-8
Schofield, James148---1-1-1--1-155
McConnell, Phil1180-1-0---10--11-74
Cowley, Dennis183½---11-1---54
Davies, Alan1061-0-0-½-½-01-1--84
Doble, Arthur93-0-00--01-½--1-18
Greenhalgh, Roy104-0-0-1-00-0--1-183
Ashby, Ken980-0-0----0-1-51
Collins, Tony67-0--0--0-00--060
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes.

Current Leaderboard for the 2019-20 Season

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
Cowley, Dennis183135817A532011718080.004.0
Schofield, James148310014F550094158100.005.0
Archer, David166300734A851211615268.805.5
McConnell, Phil118285386D740312712857.104.0
Davies, Alan106304962A832313212250.004.0
Greenhalgh, Roy104134641G830512410337.503.0
Doble, Arthur93315610C831412010243.803.5
Ashby, Ken98181837F51041218320.001.0
Collins, Tony67173334F6006109500.000.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Cowley, Dennis183532011718080.004.0
Schofield, James148550094158100.005.0
Archer, David166851211615268.805.5
McConnell, Phil118740312712857.104.0
Davies, Alan106832313212250.004.0
Greenhalgh, Roy104830512410337.503.0
Doble, Arthur93831412010243.803.5
Ashby, Ken9851041218320.001.0
Collins, Tony676006109500.000.0
Results displayed on Saturday 7th December 2019 at 10:59:02.

Pre-Arranged Games

Any Dunleavy Leagues games which have been pre-arranged but not yet played are set out below. If you are logged in as a member you can record on this website a game that you have pre-aranged by clicking here.

Ref Day Date Player 1 Player 2 Club Fixture that Day
2146Thursday12 Dec 2019McConnell, PhilSchofield, JamesDiv2: South Hams v Totnes
Div4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
2160Thursday02 Jan 2020Ashby, KenGreenhalgh, Roy
2166Thursday02 Jan 2020Collins, TonyDavies, Alan

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the 2019-20 Dunleavy League are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
05 Sep 2019Ashby, Ken (98)0-1Archer, David (166)View
05 Sep 2019McConnell, Phil (118)0-1Cowley, Dennis (193)View
12 Sep 2019Davies, Alan (106)1-0Archer, David (166)View
12 Sep 2019Cowley, Dennis (183)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (104)Submit
12 Sep 2019Ashby, Ken (98)0-1McConnell, Phil (118)View
12 Sep 2019Collins, Tony (67)0-1Schofield, James (148)Submit
19 Sep 2019Greenhalgh, Roy (104)0-1Davies, Alan (106)View
19 Sep 2019Ashby, Ken (98)0-1Schofield, James (148)View
19 Sep 2019Archer, David (166)1-0Doble, Arthur (93)View
26 Sep 2019Archer, David (166)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (104)Submit
26 Sep 2019Davies, Alan (106)½-½Doble, Arthur (93)View
03 Oct 2019Schofield, James (148)1-0Davies, Alan (106)View
03 Oct 2019Cowley, Dennis (183)½-½Archer, David (166)Submit
10 Oct 2019Schofield, James (148)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (104)View
10 Oct 2019Doble, Arthur (93)0-1McConnell, Phil (118)View
15 Oct 2019McConnell, Phil (118)0-1Archer, David (166)View
17 Oct 2019McConnell, Phil (118)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (104)View
17 Oct 2019Collins, Tony (67)0-1Doble, Arthur (93)Submit
17 Oct 2019Davies, Alan (106)½-½Cowley, Dennis (183)View
24 Oct 2019Archer, David (166)0-1McConnell, Phil (118)View
29 Oct 2019Archer, David (166)1-0Davies, Alan (106)View
29 Oct 2019Schofield, James (148)1-0Doble, Arthur (93)View
31 Oct 2019Doble, Arthur (93)1-0Collins, Tony (67)Submit
07 Nov 2019Collins, Tony (67)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (104)Submit
07 Nov 2019Doble, Arthur (93)1-0Davies, Alan (106)View
28 Nov 2019McConnell, Phil (118)1-0Collins, Tony (67)View
28 Nov 2019Davies, Alan (106)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (104)View
28 Nov 2019Ashby, Ken (98)1-0Collins, Tony (67)Submit
28 Nov 2019Cowley, Dennis (183)1-0Doble, Arthur (93)View
05 Dec 2019Ashby, Ken (98)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (104)Submit