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Match Details

TCL Division 3: Torquay v South Hams 4 Mar 2015

Bd Torquay Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Wilson, Matthew B 148 128713J ½-½ Levy, Steve W 140 134450L Submit
2 Greenaway, Terence W 130 156363E 1-0 Wilkinson, Ben B 129 162703L View
3 Greeno, Stephen B 104 187622D 0-1 McConnell, Phil W 102 285386D View
4 Cockerton, Mark W 88 227246F 0-1 Archer, David B 90 300734A View
Overall Match4701½-2½461

Match Report

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  4 Mar 2015

First to finish was Board 3, where I got played the Grand Prix Attack, which won me material in several wavess – first a pawn, then my opponent’s rook for a knight, then my opponent’s queen for a rook. My opponent resigned when the loss of a further minor piece became inevitable.

Ben then had a quick word with me before going to the loo. “It looks like your game has a long way to go”, I said. “Dunno, Ben replied – I think my position might implode”. Ben went to the loo, returned to the Board, his opponent made his move, and Ben immediately resigned – his opponent had just trapped his queen on a crowded board!

On Board 4, David was a point down in material – he had 6 pawns, a rook, bishop and knight against his opponent’s 5 pawns, 2 rooks and a bishop – when his opponent blundered one of his rooks (not seeing David’s bishop on a long diagonal) and resigned.

So, we were 2-1 up with Board 1 looking tight. Steve was a pawn down but in a strong position. He checked with me what the match score was, and on that basis decided to force a draw by threefold repetition. He possibly had the better position – but with the match as it was, this was a great result for South Hams.

This result means that Torquay are the only team that can catch South Hams in the race for the Division 3 title. If they are to do this (a) South Hams need to lose both their remaining matches (against Teignmouth and TBGS), and (b) Torquay need to win both their remaining matches (against Plymouth and Newton Abbot), and (c) Torquay need to overhaul South Hams on "goal difference" - where currently South Hams are on +15 and Torquay are on +7. Never take anything for granted!