South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Fixtures and Results for Season 2017-18

South Hams is fielding a team in the Torbay Chess League Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, the Knockout Competition and the Rapidplay Competition.

You can apply a filter to the fixtures by typing into the Filter box. For example, if you type Div3, then only the Division 3 results will be displayed; if you type Ply then only the fixtures against Plymouth will be displayed.

Click on a match score to view the game results for the match concerned. If the word "Report" appears against a particular match, then when you view the game results you will also see the match report.

DateCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
03 Oct 2017Div1TeignmouthSouth HamsL2½-1½Report
12 Oct 2017Div3South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1Report
16 Oct 2017Div2TorbaySouth HamsW1-3Report
19 Oct 2017Div1South HamsNewton AbbotL1½-2½Report
16 Nov 2017Div2Newton AbbotSouth HamsL2½-1½Report
18 Nov 2017MamhSouth HamsNewton AbbotD2-2Report
22 Nov 2017Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW1½-2½
23 Nov 2017Div4South HamsPlymouthL1-3Report
27 Nov 2017Div1PlymouthSouth HamsW1½-2½
30 Nov 2017Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
16 Dec 2017MamhPlymouthSouth Hams
04 Jan 2018Div2South HamsNewton AbbotL1½-2½Report
10 Jan 2018Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsL2½-1½
11 Jan 2018Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolW3-1
15 Jan 2018KOUTTorbaySouth HamsL4-2
18 Jan 2018Div1South HamsTorbayW3-1
01 Feb 2018Div1Newton AbbotSouth HamsL2½-1½
03 Feb 2018MamhSouth HamsExmouthL1½-2½
06 Feb 2018Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3
14 Feb 2018Div3PlymouthSouth HamsL2½-1½
15 Feb 2018Div1South HamsPlymouthD2-2
15 Feb 2018Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
19 Feb 2018Rap1PlymouthSouth HamsL5-3
22 Feb 2018Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsD2-2
03 Mar 2018MamhTeignmouthSouth HamsW1½-2½Report
15 Mar 2018Rap1South HamsNewton AbbotL3½-4½
22 Mar 2018Rap1Newton AbbotSouth HamsL5-3
26 Mar 2018Div1TorbaySouth HamsL3½-½
29 Mar 2018Div4South HamsTeignmouthW3-1
05 Apr 2018Div3South HamsPlymouthW3-1
12 Apr 2018Div2South HamsTorbayW2½-1½
12 Apr 2018Rap1South HamsPlymouthL1½-6½
18 Apr 2018Div4PlymouthSouth HamsL3½-½
21 Apr 2018MamhSouth HamsBarnstapleL1½-2½
03 May 2018Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2
DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
Tuesday03 Oct 2017TCL Division 1Div1TeignmouthSouth HamsL2½-1½Report
Thursday12 Oct 2017TCL Division 3Div3South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1Report
Monday16 Oct 2017TCL Division 2Div2TorbaySouth HamsW1-3Report
Thursday19 Oct 2017TCL Division 1Div1South HamsNewton AbbotL1½-2½Report
Thursday16 Nov 2017TCL Division 2Div2Newton AbbotSouth HamsL2½-1½Report
Saturday18 Nov 2017DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsNewton AbbotD2-2Report
Wednesday22 Nov 2017TCL Division 3Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW1½-2½
Thursday23 Nov 2017TCL Division 4Div4South HamsPlymouthL1-3Report
Monday27 Nov 2017TCL Division 1Div1PlymouthSouth HamsW1½-2½
Thursday30 Nov 2017TCL Division 4Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
Saturday16 Dec 2017DCCA MamheadMamhPlymouthSouth Hams
Thursday04 Jan 2018TCL Division 2Div2South HamsNewton AbbotL1½-2½Report
Wednesday10 Jan 2018TCL Division 4Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsL2½-1½
Thursday11 Jan 2018TCL Division 3Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolW3-1
Monday15 Jan 2018TCL KnockoutKOUTTorbaySouth HamsL4-2
Thursday18 Jan 2018TCL Division 1Div1South HamsTorbayW3-1
Thursday01 Feb 2018TCL Division 1Div1Newton AbbotSouth HamsL2½-1½
Saturday03 Feb 2018DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsExmouthL1½-2½
Tuesday06 Feb 2018TCL Division 4Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3
Wednesday14 Feb 2018TCL Division 3Div3PlymouthSouth HamsL2½-1½
Thursday15 Feb 2018TCL Division 1Div1South HamsPlymouthD2-2
Thursday15 Feb 2018TCL Division 4Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
Monday19 Feb 2018TCL RapidplayRap1PlymouthSouth HamsL5-3
Thursday22 Feb 2018TCL Division 3Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsD2-2
Saturday03 Mar 2018DCCA MamheadMamhTeignmouthSouth HamsW1½-2½Report
Thursday15 Mar 2018TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsNewton AbbotL3½-4½
Thursday22 Mar 2018TCL RapidplayRap1Newton AbbotSouth HamsL5-3
Monday26 Mar 2018TCL Division 1Div1TorbaySouth HamsL3½-½
Thursday29 Mar 2018TCL Division 4Div4South HamsTeignmouthW3-1
Thursday05 Apr 2018TCL Division 3Div3South HamsPlymouthW3-1
Thursday12 Apr 2018TCL Division 2Div2South HamsTorbayW2½-1½
Thursday12 Apr 2018TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsPlymouthL1½-6½
Wednesday18 Apr 2018TCL Division 4Div4PlymouthSouth HamsL3½-½
Saturday21 Apr 2018DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsBarnstapleL1½-2½
Thursday03 May 2018TCL Division 4Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2