South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Fixtures and Results for Season 2019-20

South Hams is fielding a team in all the Torbay Chess League competitions - the Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, the Knockout Competition and the Rapidplay Competition. We also have a team in the Devon County Chess Association Mamhead Challenge Cup.

You can apply a filter to the fixtures by typing into the Filter box. For example, if you type Div3, then only the Division 3 results will be displayed; if you type Ply then only the fixtures against Plymouth will be displayed.

Click on a match score to view the game results for the match concerned. If the word "Report" appears against a particular match, then when you view the game results you will also see the match report.

DateCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
08 Oct 2019Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3Report
10 Oct 2019Rap1South HamsBrixhamW7-1
16 Oct 2019Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW1-3
24 Oct 2019Div1Newton Abbot AbbotsSouth HamsD2-2
24 Oct 2019Div3South HamsTeignmouthW4-0
31 Oct 2019Div2South HamsBrixhamD2-2
07 Nov 2019Div1TotnesSouth HamsL3-1
14 Nov 2019Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
14 Nov 2019Rap1South HamsNewton AbbotW4½-3½
21 Nov 2019Div2Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1-3
25 Nov 2019Rap1PlymouthSouth HamsL5½-2½
26 Nov 2019KOUTBrixhamSouth HamsL3½-2½
05 Dec 2019Div1South HamsNewton Abbot BishopsW2½-1½
12 Dec 2019Div2South HamsTotnesW3-1
12 Dec 2019Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
04 Jan 2020MamhBarnstapleSouth HamsW1½-2½
09 Jan 2020Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW½-3½
16 Jan 2020Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2
21 Jan 2020Rap1BrixhamSouth HamsW3½-4½
30 Jan 2020Div1South HamsTotnesW3-1
30 Jan 2020Div4South HamsTeignmouthW4-0
01 Feb 2020MamhSouth HamsNewton AbbotL0-4
06 Feb 2020Rap1Newton AbbotSouth HamsW0-8
10 Feb 2020Div4PlymouthSouth HamsW1½-2½
11 Feb 2020Div3TeignmouthSouth HamsD2-2
29 Feb 2020MamhPlymouthSouth HamsW½-1½
03 Mar 2020Div2BrixhamSouth HamsW1½-2½
05 Mar 2020Div1Newton Abbot BishopsSouth HamsD2-2
05 Mar 2020Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2
12 Mar 2020Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsL3-1
12 Mar 2020Rap1South HamsPlymouthW4½-3½
TBDDiv4South HamsPlymouth
TBDDiv2TotnesSouth Hams
TBDDiv3PlymouthSouth Hams
TBDDiv1South HamsNewton Abbot Abbots
TBDDiv3South HamsNewton Abbot
TBDDiv3South HamsPlymouth
TBDMamhSouth HamsExmouth
TBDDiv2South HamsNewton Abbot
DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
Tuesday08 Oct 2019TCL Division 4Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3Report
Thursday10 Oct 2019TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsBrixhamW7-1
Wednesday16 Oct 2019TCL Division 3Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW1-3
Thursday24 Oct 2019TCL Division 1Div1Newton Abbot AbbotsSouth HamsD2-2
Thursday24 Oct 2019TCL Division 3Div3South HamsTeignmouthW4-0
Thursday31 Oct 2019TCL Division 2Div2South HamsBrixhamD2-2
Thursday07 Nov 2019TCL Division 1Div1TotnesSouth HamsL3-1
Thursday14 Nov 2019TCL Division 3Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
Thursday14 Nov 2019TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsNewton AbbotW4½-3½
Thursday21 Nov 2019TCL Division 2Div2Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1-3
Monday25 Nov 2019TCL RapidplayRap1PlymouthSouth HamsL5½-2½
Tuesday26 Nov 2019TCL KnockoutKOUTBrixhamSouth HamsL3½-2½
Thursday05 Dec 2019TCL Division 1Div1South HamsNewton Abbot BishopsW2½-1½
Thursday12 Dec 2019TCL Division 2Div2South HamsTotnesW3-1
Thursday12 Dec 2019TCL Division 4Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
Saturday04 Jan 2020DCCA MamheadMamhBarnstapleSouth HamsW1½-2½
Thursday09 Jan 2020TCL Division 4Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsW½-3½
Thursday16 Jan 2020TCL Division 3Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2
Tuesday21 Jan 2020TCL RapidplayRap1BrixhamSouth HamsW3½-4½
Thursday30 Jan 2020TCL Division 1Div1South HamsTotnesW3-1
Thursday30 Jan 2020TCL Division 4Div4South HamsTeignmouthW4-0
Saturday01 Feb 2020DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsNewton AbbotL0-4
Thursday06 Feb 2020TCL RapidplayRap1Newton AbbotSouth HamsW0-8
Monday10 Feb 2020TCL Division 4Div4PlymouthSouth HamsW1½-2½
Tuesday11 Feb 2020TCL Division 3Div3TeignmouthSouth HamsD2-2
Saturday29 Feb 2020DCCA MamheadMamhPlymouthSouth HamsW½-1½
Tuesday03 Mar 2020TCL Division 2Div2BrixhamSouth HamsW1½-2½
Thursday05 Mar 2020TCL Division 1Div1Newton Abbot BishopsSouth HamsD2-2
Thursday05 Mar 2020TCL Division 4Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolD2-2
Thursday12 Mar 2020TCL Division 4Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsL3-1
Thursday12 Mar 2020TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsPlymouthW4½-3½
PostponedTBDTCL Division 4Div4South HamsPlymouth
PostponedTBDTCL Division 2Div2TotnesSouth Hams
PostponedTBDTCL Division 3Div3PlymouthSouth Hams
PostponedTBDTCL Division 1Div1South HamsNewton Abbot Abbots
PostponedTBDTCL Division 3Div3South HamsNewton Abbot
PostponedTBDTCL Division 3Div3South HamsPlymouth
PostponedTBDDCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsExmouth
PostponedTBDTCL Division 2Div2South HamsNewton Abbot