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Dunleavy League 2017-18

Please visit the 2017-18 overview of internal competitions for an explanation of the Dunleavy League.

The Dunleavy League in the second half of the 2017-18 season is an "all play all twice" format, with only the best 14 results of each player being taken into account for the pruposes of promotion to the Homan. When you play an opponent for the fist time in the second half of the season, colours are as follows; if you play the same opponent a scond time, colours are reversed.

Russell, DennisWBWBWBWBWB
Greenhalgh, RoyBWBWBWBWBW
Sweetman, BarryWBWBWBWBWB
Thomas, RichardWBWBWBWBWB
Zaffiro, OliverWBWBWBWBWB
Read along your row to get your colour against each opponent.

Latest Results Matrix for 2nd Half of 2017-18 Season

Fowler, James921-1-1½--11-10-1-1-1---11-11513
Belli, John78½--1-1½---½-½-1-1--11-112
Hurt, Trevor90-0-1--1-0-1-1-10-1--1-11-129
Thomas, Richard570-00-0-0-0½--00-1-101-11--1-1-118
Greenhalgh, Roy115-1--011---0-½---1-1111
Russell, Dennis1110---01--11-1-1-----8
Collins, Tony720-0--11--0000--011--010----145
Sweetman, Barry770-1½-½0-00-1-0-10--0-½--0--14
Doble, Arthur550--0-01-1---0--1-0---194
Zaffiro, Zak640-0-00-10-0--010-½-10-----13
Savage, Jim91-½---0--1-----1-53
Peach, Cliff110--0-----1--1----32
Farrand, Noah680-0-0--00--------1-61
Zaffiro, Oliver550-00-0-00-000----0---0--0120
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes.

Latest Leaderboard for 2nd Half of 2017-18 Season

Here is the current leaderboard for the second half of the 2017-18 season.

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts Best 14
Fowler, James92277497F1512217511286.7013.013.0
Belli, John78300901E127507410379.209.59.5
Hurt, Trevor90316056H129037510075.009.09.0
Greenhalgh, Roy115134641G116326910068.207.57.5
Russell, Dennis111214868H8512689968.805.55.5
Peach, Cliff110116851E3201569666.702.02.0
Savage, Jim91309192C5221758560.003.03.0
Doble, Arthur55315610C9405797444.404.04.0
Collins, Tony72173334F14509887335.705.05.0
Thomas, Richard57313010B18819747047.208.58.5
Sweetman, Barry77285526E14338826432.104.54.5
Zaffiro, Zak64304561E13319785426.903.53.5
Farrand, Noah68308554F6105663216.701.01.0
Zaffiro, Oliver55304562G12001283300.000.00.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Fowler, James921512217511286.7013.0
Belli, John78127507410379.209.5
Hurt, Trevor90129037510075.009.0
Greenhalgh, Roy115116326910068.207.5
Russell, Dennis1118512689968.805.5
Peach, Cliff1103201569666.702.0
Savage, Jim915221758560.003.0
Doble, Arthur559405797444.404.0
Collins, Tony7214509887335.705.0
Thomas, Richard5718819747047.208.5
Sweetman, Barry7714338826432.104.5
Zaffiro, Zak6413319785426.903.5
Farrand, Noah686105663216.701.0
Zaffiro, Oliver5512001283300.000.0

Final Results Matrix for 1st Half of 2017-18 Season

McConnell, Phil1281-11-½1-10-11-1-01-11-01-1-11-1-12218
Ashby, Ken970-0½-00-10-01-½1-11-11-01-11-1-1-11-12416
Davies, Alan92½-01-½½-1½-0½--1½-½-11-11-1½-1-1-12115
Fowler, James860-00-10-½0-01-1½--1-1-11-11-11-0-1½2213½
Schofield, James1560-11-11-½1-1-0-1-1-1--1-1-1-11613½
Sweetman, Barry76-0½-00-0--0½-½-1-1-0-11-1-1168
Savage, Jim881-00-00--11--1-1-0--1-137
Belli, John760-00-0½-½0--0½-½--½-½-½-1--115
Russell, Dennis118½-1-00---0-½--1---1--84
Zaffiro, Oliver631-00-00-00-0-00-0-0½-½-0----152
Thomas, Richard70-00-00-00-0-1-1-0------102
Collins, Tony770-0-0-½0-0-00--0-½-----101
Farrand, Noah69-00-0-1-0-0-00---0----91
Zaffiro, Zak760-00-00-00½-0-00-0-0------13½
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes.

Final Leaderboard for 1st Half of 2017-18 Season

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
Schofield, James156310014F1613129115284.4013.5
McConnell, Phil128285386D2217238612581.8018.0
Davies, Alan92304962A2111828610771.4015.0
Ashby, Ken97181837F2415278910466.7016.0
Russell, Dennis118214868H83239910250.004.0
Fowler, James86277497F221237869761.4013.5
Savage, Jim88309192C13625859153.807.0
Sweetman, Barry76285526E16646788050.008.0
Belli, John76300901E15276927536.705.5
Thomas, Richard70313010B10208936320.002.0
Farrand, Noah69308554F91081045611.101.0
Zaffiro, Oliver63304562G151212985413.302.0
Collins, Tony77173334F100281005410.001.0
Zaffiro, Zak76304561E130112104493.800.5
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Schofield, James1561613129115284.4013.5
McConnell, Phil1282217238612581.8018.0
Davies, Alan922111828610771.4015.0
Ashby, Ken972415278910466.7016.0
Russell, Dennis11883239910250.004.0
Fowler, James86221237869761.4013.5
Savage, Jim8813625859153.807.0
Sweetman, Barry7616646788050.008.0
Belli, John7615276927536.705.5
Thomas, Richard7010208936320.002.0
Farrand, Noah6991081045611.101.0
Zaffiro, Oliver63151212985413.302.0
Collins, Tony77100281005410.001.0
Zaffiro, Zak76130112104493.800.5

In December 2017, Cliff Peach and Roy Greenhalgh were relegated to the Dunleavy League, while Phil McConnell, Ken Ashby, Alan Davies and James Schofield were promoted from the Dunleavy League to the Homan League. "Two down, four up" means that the Dunleavy League became a 12-player league instead of a 14-player league.

Pre-Arranged Games

Any Dunleavy Leagues games which have been pre-arranged but not yet played are set out below. If you are logged in as a member you can record on this website a game that you have pre-aranged by clicking here.


Currently there are no outstanding pre-arranged games in the 2017-18 Dunleavy League.

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the Dunleavy League for the second part of the current season are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
04 Jan 2018Russell, Dennis (118)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
04 Jan 2018Zaffiro, Zak (76)1-0Collins, Tony (77)Submit
04 Jan 2018Thomas, Richard (70)0-1Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
04 Jan 2018Farrand, Noah (69)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (113)Submit
11 Jan 2018Fowler, James (86)1-0Collins, Tony (77)Submit
11 Jan 2018Collins, Tony (77)0-1Fowler, James (86)View
11 Jan 2018Farrand, Noah (69)0-1Belli, John (76)Submit
11 Jan 2018Sweetman, Barry (76)0-1Zaffiro, Zak (76)Submit
11 Jan 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (63)0-1Thomas, Richard (70)Submit
18 Jan 2018Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Collins, Tony (77)Submit
18 Jan 2018Savage, Jim (88)½-½Belli, John (76)View
18 Jan 2018Russell, Dennis (118)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (113)View
18 Jan 2018Fowler, James (86)1-0Thomas, Richard (70)Submit
25 Jan 2018Collins, Tony (77)0-1Russell, Dennis (118)View
25 Jan 2018Greenhalgh, Roy (114)½-½Savage, Jim (88)Submit
25 Jan 2018Belli, John (76)1-0Thomas, Richard (70)View
25 Jan 2018Fowler, James (86)0-1Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
01 Feb 2018Fowler, James (92)½-½Greenhalgh, Roy (115)Submit
01 Feb 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)1-0Collins, Tony (72)Submit
08 Feb 2018Farrand, Noah (68)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)View
08 Feb 2018Thomas, Richard (57)½-½Russell, Dennis (111)View
08 Feb 2018Collins, Tony (72)0-1Savage, Jim (91)Submit
15 Feb 2018Thomas, Richard (57)1-0Savage, Jim (91)View
22 Feb 2018Savage, Jim (91)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)Submit
22 Feb 2018Greenhalgh, Roy (115)1-0Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
08 Mar 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)0-1Collins, Tony (72)Submit
08 Mar 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (55)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (115)Submit
08 Mar 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)0-1Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
08 Mar 2018Belli, John (78)½-½Fowler, James (92)Submit
08 Mar 2018Farrand, Noah (68)0-1Hurt, Trevor ()Submit
08 Mar 2018Doble, Arthur ()0-1Peach, Cliff (110)Submit
15 Mar 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit
15 Mar 2018Hurt, Trevor ()1-0Russell, Dennis (111)Submit
15 Mar 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (55)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (115)Submit
22 Mar 2018Belli, John (78)½-½Sweetman, Barry (77)View
22 Mar 2018Fowler, James (92)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)Submit
22 Mar 2018Greenhalgh, Roy (115)1-0Collins, Tony (72)Submit
22 Mar 2018Doble, Arthur ()0-1Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
27 Mar 2018Peach, Cliff (110)1-0Sweetman, Barry (77)Submit
29 Mar 2018Doble, Arthur ()1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (115)Submit
29 Mar 2018Peach, Cliff (110)0-1Hurt, Trevor (90)Submit
29 Mar 2018Thomas, Richard (57)1-0Farrand, Noah (68)Submit
29 Mar 2018Belli, John (78)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)Submit
05 Apr 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)0-1Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
05 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)0-1Belli, John (78)Submit
05 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (55)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit
05 Apr 2018Hurt, Trevor (90)0-1Collins, Tony (72)Submit
12 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)0-1Doble, Arthur (55)Submit
12 Apr 2018Greenhalgh, Roy (115)1-0Collins, Tony (72)Submit
12 Apr 2018Thomas, Richard (57)0-1Belli, John (78)View
12 Apr 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)0-1Russell, Dennis (111)Submit
19 Apr 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)0-1Hurt, Trevor (90)Submit
19 Apr 2018Hurt, Trevor (90)1-0Sweetman, Barry (77)Submit
19 Apr 2018Russell, Dennis (111)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (64)Submit
19 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (55)0-1Doble, Arthur (55)Submit
19 Apr 2018Belli, John (78)½-½Greenhalgh, Roy (115)View
19 Apr 2018Collins, Tony (72)1-0Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
26 Apr 2018Hurt, Trevor (90)0-1Zaffiro, Zak (64)Submit
26 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)0-1Hurt, Trevor (90)Submit
26 Apr 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit
26 Apr 2018Zaffiro, Oliver (55)0-1Belli, John (78)Submit
26 Apr 2018Collins, Tony (72)0-1Russell, Dennis (111)Submit
26 Apr 2018Doble, Arthur (55)1-0Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
03 May 2018Thomas, Richard (57)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit
03 May 2018Belli, John (78)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (64)Submit
03 May 2018Hurt, Trevor (90)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)Submit
10 May 2018Farrand, Noah (68)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit
10 May 2018Doble, Arthur (55)0-1Hurt, Trevor (90)Submit
10 May 2018Thomas, Richard (57)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (55)Submit
10 May 2018Zaffiro, Zak (64)½-½Sweetman, Barry (77)Submit
17 May 2018Collins, Tony (72)1-0Doble, Arthur (55)Submit
17 May 2018Fowler, James (92)1-0Hurt, Trevor (90)Submit
17 May 2018Sweetman, Barry (77)½-½Belli, John (78)Submit
17 May 2018Thomas, Richard (57)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (64)Submit
24 May 2018Hurt, Trevor (90)1-0Thomas, Richard (57)Submit
24 May 2018Doble, Arthur (55)0-1Fowler, James (92)Submit

For the record, the individual game results in the Dunleavy League for the first part of the current season are set out below.

Date White Result Black PGN?
13 Jul 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Savage, Jim (88)Submit
13 Jul 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
18 Jul 2017Ashby, Ken (97)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
20 Jul 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Sweetman, Barry (76)View
27 Jul 2017Fowler, James (86)0-1Schofield, James (156)View
27 Jul 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Ashby, Ken (97)View
01 Aug 2017Fowler, James (86)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)View
03 Aug 2017Fowler, James (86)1-0Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
03 Aug 2017Davies, Alan (92)1-0Ashby, Ken (97)View
10 Aug 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Sweetman, Barry (76)View
10 Aug 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½Fowler, James (86)View
10 Aug 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Ashby, Ken (97)View
15 Aug 2017Fowler, James (86)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
17 Aug 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (76)View
17 Aug 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)View
24 Aug 2017McConnell, Phil (128)0-1Schofield, James (156)View
24 Aug 2017Fowler, James (86)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)Submit
24 Aug 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (76)Submit
31 Aug 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (76)Submit
31 Aug 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)0-1Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
31 Aug 2017Ashby, Ken (97)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
07 Sep 2017Collins, Tony (77)0-1Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
07 Sep 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)Submit
07 Sep 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)1-0McConnell, Phil (128)View
14 Sep 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
14 Sep 2017Russell, Dennis (118)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)Submit
14 Sep 2017Belli, John (76)½-½Zaffiro, Oliver (63)Submit
14 Sep 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Collins, Tony (77)View
14 Sep 2017Collins, Tony (77)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
14 Sep 2017Ashby, Ken (97)½-½Davies, Alan (92)View
21 Sep 2017Davies, Alan (92)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (76)Submit
21 Sep 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)Submit
21 Sep 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Russell, Dennis (118)View
21 Sep 2017Belli, John (76)0-1Fowler, James (86)View
26 Sep 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½McConnell, Phil (128)View
26 Sep 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)½-½Ashby, Ken (97)View
28 Sep 2017Farrand, Noah (69)0-1Savage, Jim (88)Submit
28 Sep 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
28 Sep 2017Fowler, James (86)1-0Collins, Tony (77)Submit
28 Sep 2017Russell, Dennis (118)½-½McConnell, Phil (128)View
28 Sep 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)View
28 Sep 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Belli, John (76)View
04 Oct 2017Savage, Jim (88)1-0Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
05 Oct 2017Savage, Jim (88)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)Submit
05 Oct 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
05 Oct 2017Belli, John (76)½-½Sweetman, Barry (76)View
05 Oct 2017Farrand, Noah (69)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)Submit
05 Oct 2017Thomas, Richard ()0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
05 Oct 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½Schofield, James (156)View
12 Oct 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)View
12 Oct 2017Ashby, Ken (97)0-1Schofield, James (156)View
12 Oct 2017Fowler, James (86)0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
12 Oct 2017Thomas, Richard ()1-0Savage, Jim (88)View
12 Oct 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Belli, John (76)View
17 Oct 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Davies, Alan (92)View
19 Oct 2017Savage, Jim (88)1-0Thomas, Richard ()View
19 Oct 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)0-1Davies, Alan (92)Submit
19 Oct 2017Russell, Dennis (118)1-0Ashby, Ken (97)Submit
19 Oct 2017Farrand, Noah (69)1-0Fowler, James (86)Submit
26 Oct 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Thomas, Richard ()View
26 Oct 2017Russell, Dennis (118)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)View
26 Oct 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½Sweetman, Barry (76)View
26 Oct 2017Fowler, James (86)½-½Savage, Jim (88)Submit
31 Oct 2017Davies, Alan (92)1-0Thomas, Richard ()View
31 Oct 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Belli, John (76)View
02 Nov 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)½-½Fowler, James (86)Submit
02 Nov 2017Davies, Alan (92)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)View
02 Nov 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)View
02 Nov 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)½-½Belli, John (76)Submit
02 Nov 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Savage, Jim (88)View
02 Nov 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Russell, Dennis (118)View
04 Nov 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Fowler, James (86)View
07 Nov 2017Belli, John (76)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
09 Nov 2017McConnell, Phil (128)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)View
09 Nov 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
09 Nov 2017Thomas, Richard ()1-0Sweetman, Barry (76)Submit
09 Nov 2017Collins, Tony (77)0-1Belli, John (76)View
09 Nov 2017Savage, Jim (88)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)View
09 Nov 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Davies, Alan (92)Submit
14 Nov 2017Schofield, James (156)0-1McConnell, Phil (128)View
14 Nov 2017Belli, John (76)½-½Davies, Alan (92)View
16 Nov 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Belli, John (76)View
16 Nov 2017Russell, Dennis (118)½-½Savage, Jim (88)Submit
16 Nov 2017Thomas, Richard ()0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
16 Nov 2017Fowler, James (86)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)Submit
16 Nov 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Schofield, James (156)Submit
21 Nov 2017Belli, John (76)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)View
23 Nov 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Thomas, Richard ()View
23 Nov 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Collins, Tony (77)Submit
30 Nov 2017Belli, John (76)½-½Collins, Tony (77)Submit
30 Nov 2017Sweetman, Barry (76)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)Submit
30 Nov 2017Schofield, James (156)0-1Savage, Jim (88)Submit
05 Dec 2017Collins, Tony (77)0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
07 Dec 2017Savage, Jim (88)1-0McConnell, Phil (128)View
07 Dec 2017Fowler, James (86)1-0Thomas, Richard (70)Submit
07 Dec 2017Zaffiro, Oliver (63)½-½Belli, John (76)Submit
07 Dec 2017Zaffiro, Zak (76)0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
07 Dec 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Farrand, Noah (69)Submit
12 Dec 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½Collins, Tony (77)View
14 Dec 2017Collins, Tony (77)0-1Fowler, James (86)Submit
14 Dec 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Zaffiro, Oliver (63)Submit
14 Dec 2017Ashby, Ken (97)1-0Zaffiro, Zak (76)View
14 Dec 2017Russell, Dennis (118)0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
19 Dec 2017Davies, Alan (92)½-½Belli, John (76)View
21 Dec 2017Schofield, James (156)1-0Fowler, James (86)View
21 Dec 2017Savage, Jim (88)0-1Davies, Alan (92)View
21 Dec 2017Thomas, Richard (70)0-1Ashby, Ken (97)View