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Date Competition White Black Submitted Result Private
11 May 2019County MatchLondon, Nick J (145)Wilkinson, Ben R (132)21 May 20190-1YesView
16 May 2019M. Wray ShieldLevy, Steve (190)Ashby, Ken (92)17 May 20191-0YesView
16 May 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, Richard (75)Peach, Cliff (109)17 May 20190-1YesView
16 May 2019Homan LeagueFowler, James (110)Archer, David (167)17 May 20190-1YesView
16 May 2019DCCA Individual MinorWilby, Rob (141)McConnell, Phil (118)17 May 20190-1YesView
14 May 2019DCCCStephens John, (193)Levy Steve, (190)15 May 2019½-½YesView
13 May 2019DCCA Individual MinorMcConnell, Phil (118)Wilby, Rob (141)13 May 2019½-½YesView
09 May 2019Homan LeagueFowler, James (110)Levy, Steve (190)10 May 20190-1YesView
09 May 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (116)Doble, Arthur (92)10 May 2019½-½YesView
09 May 2019Homan LeagueArcher, David (167)Schofield, James (141)10 May 20191-0YesView
08 May 2019Bloodworth LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)Quinn, Martin (132)09 May 20191-0YesView
07 May 2019DCCA Individual MinorMcConnell, Phil (118)Taylor, Wilf (124)07 May 20191-0YesView
02 May 2019Cookworthy CupArcher, David (167)Levy, Steve (190)03 May 20191-0YesView
02 May 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (118)Fowler, James (110)03 May 20191-0YesView
02 May 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (116)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)02 May 20191-0YesView
02 May 2019M. Wray ShieldThomas, Richard (75)Wilkinson, Ben (131)02 May 20190-1YesView
30 Apr 2019DCCA Individual MinorWilby, Rob (141)McConnell, Phil (118)01 May 2019½-½YesView
25 Apr 2019M. Wray ShieldDavies, Alan (103)Hurt, Trevor (85)26 Apr 20191-0YesView
18 Apr 2019Cookworthy CupDavies, Alan (103)Schofield, James (141)19 Apr 20191-0YesView
18 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (116)Thomas, Richard (75)19 Apr 20191-0YesView
18 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (92)Doble, Arthur (92)18 Apr 2019½-½YesView
11 Apr 2019M. Wray ShieldCollins, Tony (69)Hurt, Trevor (85)12 Apr 20190-1YesView
11 Apr 2019Homan LeagueArcher, David (167)Davies, Alan (103)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
11 Apr 2019M. Wray ShieldLevy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (118)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
11 Apr 2019Cookworthy CupSchofield, James (141)Wilkinson, Ben (131)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
11 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, Richard (75)Willcox, Chris (116)11 Apr 20190-1YesView
04 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (92)Thomas, Richard (75)05 Apr 20190-1YesView
04 Apr 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, James (141)Levy, Steve (190)05 Apr 20190-1YesView
04 Apr 2019TCL KnockoutBrusey, Alan W (182)
Newton Abbot
Archer, David (167)
South Hams
05 Apr 20191-0YesView
04 Apr 2019TCL KnockoutDavies, Alan (105)
South Hams
Narayanan, Subramanian (49)
Newton Abbot
05 Apr 20190-1YesView
04 Apr 2019TCL KnockoutWillcox, Chris (116)
South Hams
Hussey, Michael (102)
Newton Abbot
04 Apr 20191-0YesView
04 Apr 2019TCL KnockoutWilkinson, Ben (131)
South Hams
Howard, Charles V (160)
Newton Abbot
04 Apr 20190-1YesView
30 Mar 2019DCCA MamheadLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Rudd, Jack (216)
31 Mar 2019½-½YesView
28 Mar 2019M. Wray ShieldFowler, James (110)Hurt, Trevor (85)29 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, Ben (131)Schofield, James (141)29 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (103)Levy, Steve (190)29 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (118)Archer, David (167)29 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (116)Ashby, Ken (92)29 Mar 2019½-½YesView
28 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, Richard (75)Doble, Arthur (92)29 Mar 20190-1YesView
26 Mar 2019Cookworthy CupDavies, Alan (103)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)27 Mar 20191-0YesView
26 Mar 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (118)Levy, Steve (190)27 Mar 20190-1YesView
21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (85)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)22 Mar 20190-1YesView
21 Mar 2019TCL Division 3Wilkinson, Ben (131)
South Hams
Lochhead, Philip A (117)
22 Mar 20191-0YesView
21 Mar 2019TCL Division 3Ashby, Ken (92)
South Hams
Scantlebury, Derek J (90)
22 Mar 20191-0YesView
21 Mar 2019Homan LeagueArcher, David (167)Levy, Steve (190)22 Mar 20191-0YesView
21 Mar 2019Homan LeagueFowler, James (110)McConnell, Phil (118)22 Mar 20190-1YesView
21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (92)Willcox, Chris (116)22 Mar 20190-1YesView
14 Mar 2019TCL RapidplayHurt, Trevor
South Hams
Hussey, Michael (95)
Newton Abbot
19 Mar 20191-0YesView
14 Mar 2019TCL RapidplayHussey, Michael (95)
Newton Abbot
Hurt, Trevor
South Hams
19 Mar 20191-0YesView
14 Mar 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (103)Wilkinson, Ben (131)15 Mar 20190-1YesView
14 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (92)Ashby, Ken (92)15 Mar 20191-0YesView
07 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (109)Doble, Arthur (92)10 Mar 20191-0YesView
07 Mar 2019TCL Premier LeagueStephens, John KF (197)
Newton Abbot
Levy, Steve (190)
South Hams
08 Mar 20191-0YesView
07 Mar 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (103)Fowler, James (110)08 Mar 20190-1YesView
07 Mar 2019M. Wray ShieldAshby, Ken (92)McConnell, Phil (118)08 Mar 2019½-½YesView
07 Mar 2019TCL Premier LeagueArcher, David (156)
South Hams
Brooks, Paul (165)
Newton Abbot Abbots
08 Mar 2019½-½YesView
07 Mar 2019TCL Division 4Mortimer, Oliver (85)
Torquay Boys Grammar School
Willcox, Chris (113)
South Hams
07 Mar 20190-1YesView
05 Mar 2019Homan LeagueArcher, David (167)McConnell, Phil (118)05 Mar 20191-0YesView
04 Mar 2019Wilkinson, BenLochhead, Philip04 Mar 20191-0YesView
04 Apr 1994Sutton openLevy S, (150)Blackstock L, (210)01 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Feb 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, Ben (131)Levy, Steve (190)01 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (92)Willcox, Chris (116)01 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, Cliff (109)Doble, Arthur (92)01 Mar 2019½-½YesView
28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, Richard (75)Hurt, Trevor (85)01 Mar 20190-1YesView
28 Feb 2019Cookworthy CupGreenhalgh, Roy (109)Davies, Alan (103)01 Mar 2019½-½YesView
28 Feb 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, James (141)McConnell, Phil (118)01 Mar 20191-0YesView
27 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Hurt, Trevor (84)
South Hams
Williams, Steven I (101)
28 Feb 20191-0YesView
23 Feb 2019DCCA MamheadShaw, Meyrick (157)
McConnell, Phil (124)
South Hams
24 Feb 20191-0YesView
23 Feb 2019DCCA MamheadLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Abbott, Mark V (177)
24 Feb 2019½-½YesView
21 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, Cliff (109)Hurt, Trevor (85)22 Feb 20191-0YesView
21 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Russell, Dennis (106)
South Hams
Hussey, Michael (102)
Newton Abbot
22 Feb 2019½-½YesView
21 Feb 2019Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Wilkinson, Ben (131)22 Feb 20191-0YesView
21 Feb 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (118)Schofield, James (141)22 Feb 20190-1YesView
21 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Bonds, Thomas (115)
Newton Abbot
Willcox, Chris (113)
South Hams
21 Feb 20190-1YesView
19 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (109)Hurt, Trevor (85)20 Feb 20190-1YesView
19 Feb 2019Cookworthy CupFowler, James (110)Levy, Steve (190)20 Feb 20190-1YesView
19 Feb 2019M. Wray ShieldDavies, Alan (103)McConnell, Phil (118)19 Feb 20191-0YesView
14 Feb 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, Ben (131)Davies, Alan (103)16 Feb 20191-0YesView
14 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (85)Ashby, Ken (92)15 Feb 2019½-½YesView
15 Feb 2019DCCA Individual MinorTaylor, WilfMcConnell, Phil15 Feb 20190-1YesView
11 Feb 2019DCCA Individual MinorMcConnell, PhilWilby, Rob15 Feb 20190-1YesView
14 Feb 2019Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Schofield, James (141)15 Feb 20191-0YesView
14 Feb 2019Friendly Standard Play UngradedMcConnell, Phil (118)Peach, Cliff (109)15 Feb 20191-0YesView
12 Feb 2019TCL Premier LeagueLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Ingham, H William (161)
13 Feb 20191-0YesView
07 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, Richard (75)Ashby, Ken (92)09 Feb 20190-1YesView
06 Feb 2019TCL Division 3Doble, Arthur (91)
South Hams
Glasson, Luke (81)
Torquay Boys Grammar School
08 Feb 20190-1YesView
05 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Doble, Arthur (91)
South Hams
Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth (65)
08 Feb 20191-0YesView
07 Feb 2019TCL Premier LeagueBrusey, Alan W (174)
Newton Abbot Bishops
Levy, Steve (190)
South Hams
08 Feb 20190-1YesView
07 Feb 2019Homan LeagueFowler, James (110)Davies, Alan (103)08 Feb 20190-1YesView
07 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (92)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)08 Feb 2019½-½YesView
07 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (116)Hurt, Trevor (85)07 Feb 2019½-½YesView
04 Feb 2019DCCA Individual MinorMcConnell, Phil (124)Honeyball, Simon (97)04 Feb 20191-0YesView
31 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, Cliff (107)Thomas, Richard (67)03 Feb 20191-0YesView
31 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Doble, Arthur (91)31 Jan 20191-0YesView
31 Jan 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Schofield, James (139)31 Jan 20190-1YesView
27 Jan 2019Simon Bartlett Memorial 2019Tatum, Tony (98)Davies, Alan (103)28 Jan 20191-0YesView
24 Jan 2019TCL Division 3Miller, Paul (132)
Newton Abbot
Schofield, James (139)
South Hams
25 Jan 20190-1YesView
24 Jan 2019DCCAAbbott Mark, (176)Levy S, (190)25 Jan 20190-1YesView
24 Jan 2019M. Wray ShieldDoble, Arthur (91)Davies, Alan (105)25 Jan 20190-1YesView
24 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)25 Jan 20191-0YesView
24 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (113)Peach, Cliff (107)24 Jan 2019½-½YesView
22 Jan 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Wilkinson, Ben (132)23 Jan 20190-1YesView
22 Jan 2019Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Davies, Alan (105)23 Jan 20191-0YesView
22 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (91)Hurt, Trevor (84)22 Jan 20190-1YesView
17 Jan 2019TCL Premier LeagueKinder, Andrew S (151)
Newton Abbot Bishops
Archer, David (156)
South Hams
20 Jan 20191-0YesView
19 Jan 2019DCCA MamheadSchofield, James (139)
South Hams
Wilby, Robert G (139)
20 Jan 20191-0YesView
19 Jan 2019DCCA MamheadStinton-Brownbridge, Michael H (163)
Archer, David (156)
South Hams
19 Jan 20190-1YesView
19 Jan 2019DCCA MamheadLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Twine, David (177)
19 Jan 20191-0YesView
17 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (111)Ashby, Ken (99)19 Jan 2019½-½YesView
17 Jan 2019TCL Premier LeagueLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Brusey, Alan W (174)
Newton Abbot Bishops
18 Jan 20190-1YesView
17 Jan 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (105)McConnell, Phil (124)18 Jan 2019½-½YesView
17 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Willcox, Chris (113)18 Jan 2019½-½YesView
17 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (91)Thomas, Richard (67)17 Jan 20191-0YesView
14 Jan 2019TCL Division 3Lochhead, Philip A (109)
McConnell, Phil (124)
South Hams
15 Jan 20190-1YesView
13 Jan 2019Devon jambroeeLevy S, (190)Brusey A, (174)14 Jan 20191-0YesView
09 Jan 2019DCCAHaynes Jos, (179)Levy Steve, (190)12 Jan 20191-0YesView
10 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (99)Hurt, Trevor (84)11 Jan 20191-0YesView
10 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, Arthur (91)Peach, Cliff (107)11 Jan 20191-0YesView
10 Jan 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Davies, Alan (105)11 Jan 2019½-½YesView
10 Jan 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Archer, David (156)11 Jan 20191-0YesView
10 Jan 2019Cookworthy CupWillcox, Chris (113)Fowler, James (104)11 Jan 20190-1YesView
08 Jan 2019Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Archer, David (156)09 Jan 20191-0YesView
08 Jan 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Davies, Alan (105)09 Jan 20191-0YesView
08 Jan 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)McConnell, Phil (124)08 Jan 20190-1YesView
03 Jan 2019Cookworthy CupAshby, Ken (99)Wilkinson, Ben (132)04 Jan 20190-1YesView
03 Jan 2019Cookworthy CupDoble, Arthur (91)Zaffiro, Oliver (48)04 Jan 20190-1YesView
03 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (111)Thomas, Richard (67)04 Jan 20190-1YesView
03 Jan 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Peach, Cliff (107)04 Jan 2019½-½YesView
03 Jan 2019Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (124)04 Jan 20191-0YesView
03 Jan 2019Homan LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Archer, David (156)04 Jan 20190-1YesView
18 Dec 2018Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (99)Davies, Alan (105)19 Dec 2018½-½YesView
15 Dec 2018DCCA MamheadLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Brusey, Alan W (174)
Newton Abbot
16 Dec 20180-1YesView
13 Dec 2018Levy LeagueSweetman, Barry (71)Blackstock, Charlie (70)14 Dec 20180-1NoView
13 Dec 2018TCL Premier LeagueLevy, Steve (190)
South Hams
Stephens, John KF (193)
Newton Abbot Abbots
14 Dec 20180-1YesView
13 Dec 2018TCL Premier LeagueHomer, Stephen J (183)
Newton Abbot Abbots
Archer, David (156)
South Hams
14 Dec 20180-1YesView
13 Dec 2018M. Wray ShieldMcConnell, Phil (124)Hurt, Trevor (84)14 Dec 20181-0YesView
13 Dec 2018Levy LeagueZaffiro, Oliver (48)Doble, Arthur (91)13 Dec 2018½-½YesView
13 Dec 2018Dunleavy LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Willcox, Chris (113)13 Dec 2018½-½YesView
06 Dec 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)07 Dec 20180-1YesView
06 Dec 2018Cookworthy CupDavies, Alan (105)Peach, Cliff (107)07 Dec 20181-0YesView
06 Dec 2018Homan LeagueArcher, David (156)Schofield, James (139)06 Dec 20181-0YesView
06 Dec 2018TCL Division 4Blackstock, Charlie (70)
South Hams
Tatam, Anthony (98)
06 Dec 20181-0NoView
06 Dec 2018TCL Division 4Williams, Steven (100)
Doble, Arthur (91)
South Hams
06 Dec 20180-1YesView
04 Dec 2018Cookworthy CupHurt, Trevor (84)Archer, David (156)05 Dec 20180-1YesView
04 Dec 2018Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)McConnell, Phil (124)04 Dec 20181-0YesView
02 Dec 2018Plymouth RapidplayWilkinson, Ben (130)Konara, Seha (40)04 Dec 20181-0YesView
29 Nov 2018Homan LeagueArcher, David (156)Hurt, Trevor (84)02 Dec 20181-0YesView
28 Nov 2018TCL Division 4Holland, Bradley (60)
Torquay Boys Grammar School
Blackstock, Charlie (70)
South Hams
01 Dec 20180-1NoView
29 Nov 2018Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Levy, Steve (190)30 Nov 20180-1YesView
29 Nov 2018Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Thomas, Richard (67)29 Nov 20181-0YesView
29 Nov 2018Levy LeagueCollins, Tony (66)Doble, Arthur (91)29 Nov 20180-1YesView
29 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (113)Russell, Dennis (106)29 Nov 20180-1YesView
24 Nov 2018County matchRetallick Lloyd, (176)Levy Steve, (190)25 Nov 20180-1YesView
22 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Greenhalgh, Roy (111)23 Nov 20181-0YesView
22 Nov 2018TCL RapidplayLevy, Steve (176)
South Hams
Brusey, Alan W (167)
Newton Abbot
23 Nov 20181-0YesView
22 Nov 2018TCL RapidplayArcher, David (151)
South Hams
Kinder, Andrew S (153)
Newton Abbot
23 Nov 20181-0YesView
22 Nov 2018Homan LeagueThomas, Richard (67)McConnell, Phil (124)23 Nov 20180-1YesView
22 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (99)Wilkinson, Ben (132)22 Nov 20180-1YesView
20 Nov 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Archer, David (156)21 Nov 20181-0YesView
20 Nov 2018Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Hurt, Trevor (84)21 Nov 20181-0YesView
10 Nov 2018Torbay CongressSturt, Benjamin (118)Willcox, CR (113)16 Nov 20180-1YesView
15 Nov 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)McConnell, Phil (124)16 Nov 20180-1YesView
15 Nov 2018Homan LeagueThomas, Richard (67)Schofield, James (139)16 Nov 20180-1YesView
15 Nov 2018Homan LeagueFowler, James (104)Archer, David (156)16 Nov 20180-1YesView
15 Nov 2018Levy LeaguePeach, Cliff (107)Doble, Arthur (91)16 Nov 2018½-½YesView
11 Nov 2018Torbay CongressShare, Stan (111)Willcox, CR (113)15 Nov 2018½-½YesView
10 Nov 2018TorbayLevy S, (190)Pye D, (192)15 Nov 2018½-½YesView
10 Nov 2018TorbayMackle D, (199)Levy S, (190)15 Nov 2018½-½YesView
09 Nov 2018Torbay congressLevy S, (190)Hurst E, (168)15 Nov 20181-0YesView
13 Nov 2018Cookworthy CupHurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)14 Nov 20181-0YesView
13 Nov 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (124)13 Nov 20181-0YesView
11 Nov 2018Torbay CongressArcher, David (156)Mills, Nathan (142)12 Nov 20181-0YesView
11 Nov 2018Torbay CongressMatthew, Wilson (158)Archer, David (156)12 Nov 20181-0YesView
10 Nov 2018Torbay CongressChapman, Phillip K (146)Archer, David (156)11 Nov 20180-1YesView
10 Nov 2018Torbay CongressArcher, David (156)Harris, Martyn J (168)11 Nov 20180-1YesView
09 Nov 2018Torbay CongressFoley, Phil (141)Archer, David (156)11 Nov 20180-1YesView
08 Nov 2018TCL Division 4Hussey, Michael (104)
Newton Abbot
Davies, Alan (105)
South Hams
09 Nov 20180-1YesView
08 Nov 2018Cookworthy CupMcConnell, Phil (124)Schofield, James (139)09 Nov 20180-1YesView
08 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)Russell, Dennis (106)08 Nov 20181-0YesView
08 Nov 2018Levy LeagueDoble, Arthur (91)Peach, Cliff (107)08 Nov 2018½-½YesView
01 Nov 2018Homan LeagueFowler, James (104)Hurt, Trevor (84)07 Nov 2018½-½YesView
05 Nov 2018Homan LeagueFowler, James (104)McConnell, Phil (124)05 Nov 2018½-½YesView
01 Nov 2018TCL Premier LeagueIngham, H William (160)
Levy, Steve (190)
South Hams
02 Nov 2018½-½YesView
01 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (113)Davies, Alan (105)02 Nov 2018½-½YesView
01 Nov 2018TCL Premier LeagueArcher, David (156)
South Hams
Henry, Ian (124)
02 Nov 20181-0YesView
01 Nov 2018TCL Premier LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)
South Hams
Webster, Alan F (70)
02 Nov 20181-0YesView
01 Nov 2018Dunleavy LeagueRussell, Dennis (106)Wilkinson, Ben (132)01 Nov 20180-1YesView
25 Oct 2018Levy LeagueZaffiro, Oliver (48)Blackstock, Charlie01 Nov 20180-1YesView
25 Oct 2018TCL KnockoutButland, Nick J (149)
Levy, Steve (190)
South Hams
26 Oct 20180-1YesView
25 Oct 2018Cookworthy CupRussell, Dennis (106)Archer, David (156)26 Oct 20180-1YesView
25 Oct 2018M. Wray ShieldDavies, Alan (105)Ashby, Ken (99)26 Oct 2018½-½YesView
25 Oct 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Schofield, James (139)25 Oct 20180-1YesView
25 Oct 2018TCL KnockoutWright, Andrew (124)
McConnell, Phil (124)
South Hams
25 Oct 20180-1YesView
23 Oct 2018Dunleavy LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)Davies, Alan (105)24 Oct 20180-1YesView
23 Oct 2018Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (113)Ashby, Ken (99)23 Oct 2018½-½YesView
23 Oct 2018Homan LeagueArcher, David (156)McConnell, Phil (124)23 Oct 20181-0YesView
22 Oct 2018Bloodworth LeagueWillson, GeoffWilkinson, Ben23 Oct 20180-1YesView
18 Oct 2018Levy LeagueSweetman, Barry (71)Doble, Arthur (91)19 Oct 20180-1YesView
18 Oct 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Levy, Steve (190)19 Oct 20180-1YesView
18 Oct 2018Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, Chris (113)Wilkinson, Ben (132)19 Oct 20180-1YesView
18 Oct 2018Levy LeagueCollins, Tony (66)Blackstock, Charlie19 Oct 20181-0YesView
18 Oct 2018M. Wray ShieldGreenhalgh, Roy (111)Archer, David (156)19 Oct 20180-1YesView
18 Oct 2018Dunleavy LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Russell, Dennis (106)19 Oct 20181-0YesView
11 Oct 2018TCL Division 3Thomas, Richard (67)
South Hams
Chattaway, Felix
Torquay Boys Grammar School
12 Oct 20181-0YesView
11 Oct 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Hurt, Trevor (84)12 Oct 20181-0YesView
11 Oct 2018Dunleavy LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Ashby, Ken (99)12 Oct 2018½-½YesView
11 Oct 2018Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Archer, David (156)11 Oct 20180-1YesView
04 Oct 2018Homan LeagueThomas, Richard (67)Hurt, Trevor (84)05 Oct 2018½-½YesView
04 Oct 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Schofield, James (139)05 Oct 20181-0YesView
04 Oct 2018Levy LeagueZaffiro, Zak (58)Blackstock, Charlie04 Oct 20180-1YesView
27 Sep 2018Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Hurt, Trevor (84)28 Sep 20181-0YesView
27 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (111)Davies, Alan (105)28 Sep 2018½-½YesView
27 Sep 2018Homan LeagueFowler, James (104)Thomas, Richard (67)28 Sep 20181-0NoView
27 Sep 2018Homan LeagueArcher, David (156)Levy, Steve (190)28 Sep 20180-1YesView
27 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)Willcox, Chris (113)27 Sep 20181-0YesView
20 Sep 2018Homan LeagueFowler, James (104)Levy, Steve (190)22 Sep 20180-1YesView
20 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueDavies, Alan (105)Wilkinson, Ben (132)21 Sep 20180-1YesView
20 Sep 2018Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Archer, David (156)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
20 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueAshby, Ken (99)Willcox, Chris (113)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
18 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueGreenhalgh, Roy (111)Wilkinson, Ben (132)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
18 Sep 2018Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Levy, Steve (190)18 Sep 20180-1YesView
13 Sep 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Fowler, James (104)18 Sep 20180-1NoView
15 Sep 2018WECU JamboreeWilkinson, Ben (132)Wensley, Oliver (170)17 Sep 20180-1YesView
15 Sep 2018Bristol cupLevy S, (190)Arrasate L, (186)16 Sep 20180-1YesView
13 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueRussell, Dennis (106)Davies, Alan (105)14 Sep 20181-0YesView
13 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueWilkinson, Ben (132)Ashby, Ken (99)14 Sep 2018½-½YesView
13 Sep 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Thomas, Richard (67)14 Sep 20181-0YesView
13 Sep 2018Homan LeagueMcConnell, Phil (124)Schofield, James (139)14 Sep 20180-1YesView
13 Sep 2018Homan LeagueCockerton, Mark (132)Archer, David (156)13 Sep 20180-1YesView
06 Sep 2018Dunleavy LeagueRussell, Dennis (106)Ashby, Ken (99)07 Sep 20180-1YesView
06 Sep 2018Homan LeagueSchofield, James (139)Thomas, Richard (67)07 Sep 20181-0YesView
06 Sep 201868th DCCA Congress, PaigntonDoust, Anthony (89)Davies, Alan (105)07 Sep 20180-1YesView
06 Sep 2018Homan LeagueLevy, Steve (190)Fowler, James (104)07 Sep 20181-0YesView
06 Sep 2018Homan LeagueHurt, Trevor (84)Archer, David (156)07 Sep 20180-1YesView
06 Sep 2018Homan LeagueCockerton, Mark (132)McConnell, Phil (124)06 Sep 20180-1YesView
14 Jun 2018CookworthyLevy Steve, Wilkinson Ben, 15 Jun 20181-0YesView
14 Jun 2018Cookworthy FinalWilkinson Ben, Levy Steve, 15 Jun 20180-1YesView
14 Jun 2018Friendly Standard Play UngradedPeach, Cliff (110)McConnell, Phil (128)15 Jun 20180-1YesView
24 May 2018Homan LeagueArcher, David (154)Wilkinson, Ben (137)25 May 2018½-½YesView
White Black Date Res Priv
London, Nick J (145)Wilkinson, Ben R (132)11 May 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Ashby, Ken (92)16 May 20191-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Peach, Cliff (109)16 May 20190-1YesView
Fowler, James (110)Archer, David (167)16 May 20190-1YesView
Wilby, Rob (141)McConnell, Phil (118)16 May 20190-1YesView
Stephens John, (193)Levy Steve, (190)14 May 2019½-½YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Wilby, Rob (141)13 May 2019½-½YesView
Fowler, James (110)Levy, Steve (190)09 May 20190-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Doble, Arthur (92)09 May 2019½-½YesView
Archer, David (167)Schofield, James (141)09 May 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Quinn, Martin (132)08 May 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Taylor, Wilf (124)07 May 20191-0YesView
Archer, David (167)Levy, Steve (190)02 May 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Fowler, James (110)02 May 20191-0YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)02 May 20191-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Wilkinson, Ben (131)02 May 20190-1YesView
Wilby, Rob (141)McConnell, Phil (118)30 Apr 2019½-½YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Hurt, Trevor (85)25 Apr 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Schofield, James (141)18 Apr 20191-0YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Thomas, Richard (75)18 Apr 20191-0YesView
Ashby, Ken (92)Doble, Arthur (92)18 Apr 2019½-½YesView
Collins, Tony (69)Hurt, Trevor (85)11 Apr 20190-1YesView
Archer, David (167)Davies, Alan (103)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
Levy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (118)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
Schofield, James (141)Wilkinson, Ben (131)11 Apr 20191-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Willcox, Chris (116)11 Apr 20190-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (92)Thomas, Richard (75)04 Apr 20190-1YesView
Schofield, James (141)Levy, Steve (190)04 Apr 20190-1YesView
Brusey, Alan W (182)Archer, David (167)04 Apr 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Narayanan, Subramanian (49)04 Apr 20190-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Hussey, Michael (102)04 Apr 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (131)Howard, Charles V (160)04 Apr 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Rudd, Jack (216)30 Mar 2019½-½YesView
Fowler, James (110)Hurt, Trevor (85)28 Mar 20190-1YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (131)Schofield, James (141)28 Mar 20190-1YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Levy, Steve (190)28 Mar 20190-1YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Archer, David (167)28 Mar 20190-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Ashby, Ken (92)28 Mar 2019½-½YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Doble, Arthur (92)28 Mar 20190-1YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)26 Mar 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Levy, Steve (190)26 Mar 20190-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (85)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)21 Mar 20190-1YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (131)Lochhead, Philip A (117)21 Mar 20191-0YesView
Ashby, Ken (92)Scantlebury, Derek J (90)21 Mar 20191-0YesView
Archer, David (167)Levy, Steve (190)21 Mar 20191-0YesView
Fowler, James (110)McConnell, Phil (118)21 Mar 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (92)Willcox, Chris (116)21 Mar 20190-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (0)Hussey, Michael (95)14 Mar 20191-0YesView
Hussey, Michael (95)Hurt, Trevor (0)14 Mar 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Wilkinson, Ben (131)14 Mar 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (92)Ashby, Ken (92)14 Mar 20191-0YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (109)Doble, Arthur (92)07 Mar 20191-0YesView
Stephens, John KF (197)Levy, Steve (190)07 Mar 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (103)Fowler, James (110)07 Mar 20190-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (92)McConnell, Phil (118)07 Mar 2019½-½YesView
Archer, David (156)Brooks, Paul (165)07 Mar 2019½-½YesView
Mortimer, Oliver (85)Willcox, Chris (113)07 Mar 20190-1YesView
Archer, David (167)McConnell, Phil (118)05 Mar 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben ()Lochhead, Philip ()04 Mar 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (131)Levy, Steve (190)28 Feb 20190-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (92)Willcox, Chris (116)28 Feb 20190-1YesView
Peach, Cliff (109)Doble, Arthur (92)28 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Hurt, Trevor (85)28 Feb 20190-1YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (109)Davies, Alan (103)28 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Schofield, James (141)McConnell, Phil (118)28 Feb 20191-0YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Williams, Steven I (101)27 Feb 20191-0YesView
Shaw, Meyrick (157)McConnell, Phil (124)23 Feb 20191-0YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Abbott, Mark V (177)23 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Peach, Cliff (109)Hurt, Trevor (85)21 Feb 20191-0YesView
Russell, Dennis (106)Hussey, Michael (102)21 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Wilkinson, Ben (131)21 Feb 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Schofield, James (141)21 Feb 20190-1YesView
Bonds, Thomas (115)Willcox, Chris (113)21 Feb 20190-1YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (109)Hurt, Trevor (85)19 Feb 20190-1YesView
Fowler, James (110)Levy, Steve (190)19 Feb 20190-1YesView
Davies, Alan (103)McConnell, Phil (118)19 Feb 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (131)Davies, Alan (103)14 Feb 20191-0YesView
Hurt, Trevor (85)Ashby, Ken (92)14 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Taylor, Wilf ()McConnell, Phil ()15 Feb 20190-1YesView
McConnell, Phil ()Wilby, Rob ()11 Feb 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Schofield, James (141)14 Feb 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (118)Peach, Cliff (109)14 Feb 20191-0YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Ingham, H William (161)12 Feb 20191-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (75)Ashby, Ken (92)07 Feb 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Glasson, Luke (81)06 Feb 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth (65)05 Feb 20191-0YesView
Brusey, Alan W (174)Levy, Steve (190)07 Feb 20190-1YesView
Fowler, James (110)Davies, Alan (103)07 Feb 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (92)Greenhalgh, Roy (109)07 Feb 2019½-½YesView
Willcox, Chris (116)Hurt, Trevor (85)07 Feb 2019½-½YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Honeyball, Simon (97)04 Feb 20191-0YesView
Peach, Cliff (107)Thomas, Richard (67)31 Jan 20191-0YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Doble, Arthur (91)31 Jan 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Schofield, James (139)31 Jan 20190-1YesView
Tatum, Tony (98)Davies, Alan (103)27 Jan 20191-0YesView
Miller, Paul (132)Schofield, James (139)24 Jan 20190-1YesView
Abbott Mark, (176)Levy S, (190)24 Jan 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Davies, Alan (105)24 Jan 20190-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)24 Jan 20191-0YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Peach, Cliff (107)24 Jan 2019½-½YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Wilkinson, Ben (132)22 Jan 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Davies, Alan (105)22 Jan 20191-0YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Hurt, Trevor (84)22 Jan 20190-1YesView
Kinder, Andrew S (151)Archer, David (156)17 Jan 20191-0YesView
Schofield, James (139)Wilby, Robert G (139)19 Jan 20191-0YesView
Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H (163)Archer, David (156)19 Jan 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Twine, David (177)19 Jan 20191-0YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (111)Ashby, Ken (99)17 Jan 2019½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Brusey, Alan W (174)17 Jan 20190-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)McConnell, Phil (124)17 Jan 2019½-½YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Willcox, Chris (113)17 Jan 2019½-½YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Thomas, Richard (67)17 Jan 20191-0YesView
Lochhead, Philip A (109)McConnell, Phil (124)14 Jan 20190-1YesView
Levy S, (190)Brusey A, (174)13 Jan 20191-0YesView
Haynes Jos, (179)Levy Steve, (190)09 Jan 20191-0YesView
Ashby, Ken (99)Hurt, Trevor (84)10 Jan 20191-0YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Peach, Cliff (107)10 Jan 20191-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Davies, Alan (105)10 Jan 2019½-½YesView
Schofield, James (139)Archer, David (156)10 Jan 20191-0YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Fowler, James (104)10 Jan 20190-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Archer, David (156)08 Jan 20191-0YesView
Schofield, James (139)Davies, Alan (105)08 Jan 20191-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)McConnell, Phil (124)08 Jan 20190-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (99)Wilkinson, Ben (132)03 Jan 20190-1YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Zaffiro, Oliver (48)03 Jan 20190-1YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (111)Thomas, Richard (67)03 Jan 20190-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Peach, Cliff (107)03 Jan 2019½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (124)03 Jan 20191-0YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Archer, David (156)03 Jan 20190-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (99)Davies, Alan (105)18 Dec 2018½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Brusey, Alan W (174)15 Dec 20180-1YesView
Sweetman, Barry (71)Blackstock, Charlie (70)13 Dec 20180-1NoView
Levy, Steve (190)Stephens, John KF (193)13 Dec 20180-1YesView
Homer, Stephen J (183)Archer, David (156)13 Dec 20180-1YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Hurt, Trevor (84)13 Dec 20181-0YesView
Zaffiro, Oliver (48)Doble, Arthur (91)13 Dec 2018½-½YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Willcox, Chris (113)13 Dec 2018½-½YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)06 Dec 20180-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Peach, Cliff (107)06 Dec 20181-0YesView
Archer, David (156)Schofield, James (139)06 Dec 20181-0YesView
Blackstock, Charlie (70)Tatam, Anthony (98)06 Dec 20181-0NoView
Williams, Steven (100)Doble, Arthur (91)06 Dec 20180-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Archer, David (156)04 Dec 20180-1YesView
Schofield, James (139)McConnell, Phil (124)04 Dec 20181-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (130)Konara, Seha (40)02 Dec 20181-0YesView
Archer, David (156)Hurt, Trevor (84)29 Nov 20181-0YesView
Holland, Bradley (60)Blackstock, Charlie (70)28 Nov 20180-1NoView
Schofield, James (139)Levy, Steve (190)29 Nov 20180-1YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Thomas, Richard (67)29 Nov 20181-0YesView
Collins, Tony (66)Doble, Arthur (91)29 Nov 20180-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Russell, Dennis (106)29 Nov 20180-1YesView
Retallick Lloyd, (176)Levy Steve, (190)24 Nov 20180-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Greenhalgh, Roy (111)22 Nov 20181-0YesView
Levy, Steve (176)Brusey, Alan W (167)22 Nov 20181-0YesView
Archer, David (151)Kinder, Andrew S (153)22 Nov 20181-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (67)McConnell, Phil (124)22 Nov 20180-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (99)Wilkinson, Ben (132)22 Nov 20180-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Archer, David (156)20 Nov 20181-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Hurt, Trevor (84)20 Nov 20181-0YesView
Sturt, Benjamin (118)Willcox, CR (113)10 Nov 20180-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)McConnell, Phil (124)15 Nov 20180-1YesView
Thomas, Richard (67)Schofield, James (139)15 Nov 20180-1YesView
Fowler, James (104)Archer, David (156)15 Nov 20180-1YesView
Peach, Cliff (107)Doble, Arthur (91)15 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Share, Stan (111)Willcox, CR (113)11 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Levy S, (190)Pye D, (192)10 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Mackle D, (199)Levy S, (190)10 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Levy S, (190)Hurst E, (168)09 Nov 20181-0YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Thomas, Richard (67)13 Nov 20181-0YesView
Levy, Steve (190)McConnell, Phil (124)13 Nov 20181-0YesView
Archer, David (156)Mills, Nathan (142)11 Nov 20181-0YesView
Matthew, Wilson (158)Archer, David (156)11 Nov 20181-0YesView
Chapman, Phillip K (146)Archer, David (156)10 Nov 20180-1YesView
Archer, David (156)Harris, Martyn J (168)10 Nov 20180-1YesView
Foley, Phil (141)Archer, David (156)09 Nov 20180-1YesView
Hussey, Michael (104)Davies, Alan (105)08 Nov 20180-1YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Schofield, James (139)08 Nov 20180-1YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Russell, Dennis (106)08 Nov 20181-0YesView
Doble, Arthur (91)Peach, Cliff (107)08 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Fowler, James (104)Hurt, Trevor (84)01 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Fowler, James (104)McConnell, Phil (124)05 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Ingham, H William (160)Levy, Steve (190)01 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Davies, Alan (105)01 Nov 2018½-½YesView
Archer, David (156)Henry, Ian (124)01 Nov 20181-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Webster, Alan F (70)01 Nov 20181-0YesView
Russell, Dennis (106)Wilkinson, Ben (132)01 Nov 20180-1YesView
Zaffiro, Oliver (48)Blackstock, Charlie ()25 Oct 20180-1YesView
Butland, Nick J (149)Levy, Steve (190)25 Oct 20180-1YesView
Russell, Dennis (106)Archer, David (156)25 Oct 20180-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Ashby, Ken (99)25 Oct 2018½-½YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Schofield, James (139)25 Oct 20180-1YesView
Wright, Andrew (124)McConnell, Phil (124)25 Oct 20180-1YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Davies, Alan (105)23 Oct 20180-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Ashby, Ken (99)23 Oct 2018½-½YesView
Archer, David (156)McConnell, Phil (124)23 Oct 20181-0YesView
Willson, Geoff ()Wilkinson, Ben ()22 Oct 20180-1YesView
Sweetman, Barry (71)Doble, Arthur (91)18 Oct 20180-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Levy, Steve (190)18 Oct 20180-1YesView
Willcox, Chris (113)Wilkinson, Ben (132)18 Oct 20180-1YesView
Collins, Tony (66)Blackstock, Charlie ()18 Oct 20181-0YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (111)Archer, David (156)18 Oct 20180-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Russell, Dennis (106)18 Oct 20181-0YesView
Thomas, Richard (67)Chattaway, Felix ()11 Oct 20181-0YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Hurt, Trevor (84)11 Oct 20181-0YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Ashby, Ken (99)11 Oct 2018½-½YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Archer, David (156)11 Oct 20180-1YesView
Thomas, Richard (67)Hurt, Trevor (84)04 Oct 2018½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Schofield, James (139)04 Oct 20181-0YesView
Zaffiro, Zak (58)Blackstock, Charlie ()04 Oct 20180-1YesView
Schofield, James (139)Hurt, Trevor (84)27 Sep 20181-0YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (111)Davies, Alan (105)27 Sep 2018½-½YesView
Fowler, James (104)Thomas, Richard (67)27 Sep 20181-0NoView
Archer, David (156)Levy, Steve (190)27 Sep 20180-1YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Willcox, Chris (113)27 Sep 20181-0YesView
Fowler, James (104)Levy, Steve (190)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
Davies, Alan (105)Wilkinson, Ben (132)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
Schofield, James (139)Archer, David (156)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
Ashby, Ken (99)Willcox, Chris (113)20 Sep 20180-1YesView
Greenhalgh, Roy (111)Wilkinson, Ben (132)18 Sep 20180-1YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Levy, Steve (190)18 Sep 20180-1YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Fowler, James (104)13 Sep 20180-1NoView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Wensley, Oliver (170)15 Sep 20180-1YesView
Levy S, (190)Arrasate L, (186)15 Sep 20180-1YesView
Russell, Dennis (106)Davies, Alan (105)13 Sep 20181-0YesView
Wilkinson, Ben (132)Ashby, Ken (99)13 Sep 2018½-½YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Thomas, Richard (67)13 Sep 20181-0YesView
McConnell, Phil (124)Schofield, James (139)13 Sep 20180-1YesView
Cockerton, Mark (132)Archer, David (156)13 Sep 20180-1YesView
Russell, Dennis (106)Ashby, Ken (99)06 Sep 20180-1YesView
Schofield, James (139)Thomas, Richard (67)06 Sep 20181-0YesView
Doust, Anthony (89)Davies, Alan (105)06 Sep 20180-1YesView
Levy, Steve (190)Fowler, James (104)06 Sep 20181-0YesView
Hurt, Trevor (84)Archer, David (156)06 Sep 20180-1YesView
Cockerton, Mark (132)McConnell, Phil (124)06 Sep 20180-1YesView
Levy Steve, ()Wilkinson Ben, ()14 Jun 20181-0YesView
Wilkinson Ben, ()Levy Steve, ()14 Jun 20180-1YesView
Peach, Cliff (110)McConnell, Phil (128)14 Jun 20180-1YesView
Archer, David (154)Wilkinson, Ben (137)24 May 2018½-½YesView


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