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Pre-Arranged Club Games

Here is a list of the future pre-arranged games in the internal club competitions that have been registered on this website. If nothing appears below, this means that nobody has recorded a pre-arranged internal club game from today onwards.

If you are a club member, you can record a new pre-arranged game by clicking here, or update the record of a pre-arranged game (including flagging it as deleted) by clicking on the reference number below. If you start typing your name in the "Filter" box, only games involving you will be displayed.

Ref Day Date Competition Player 1 Player 2 Club Fixture that Day
1814Thursday21 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, TrevorPeach, CliffDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1885Thursday21 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, ArthurGreenhalgh, RoyDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1902Thursday21 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueThomas, RichardWillcox, ChrisDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1820Thursday21 Feb 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, JamesMcConnell, PhilDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1926Thursday21 Feb 2019Homan LeagueLevy, SteveWilkinson, BenDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1925Thursday21 Feb 2019Levy LeagueBlackstock, CharlieSweetman, BarryDiv4: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1917Thursday28 Feb 2019Cookworthy CupGreenhalgh, RoyDavies, Alan
1815Thursday28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, TrevorThomas, Richard
1835Thursday28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, CliffDoble, Arthur
1909Thursday28 Feb 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, ChrisAshby, Ken
1824Thursday28 Feb 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, PhilSchofield, James
1846Thursday28 Feb 2019Homan LeagueFowler, JamesArcher, David
1896Thursday28 Feb 2019Levy LeagueCollins, TonyBlackstock, Charlie
1819Tuesday05 Mar 2019Homan LeagueArcher, DavidMcConnell, Phil
1836Thursday07 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, CliffThomas, RichardDiv4: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
Prem: South Hams v Newton Abbot Abbots
1886Thursday07 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, ArthurGreenhalgh, RoyDiv4: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
Prem: South Hams v Newton Abbot Abbots
1847Thursday07 Mar 2019Homan LeagueArcher, DavidSchofield, JamesDiv4: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
Prem: South Hams v Newton Abbot Abbots
1870Thursday07 Mar 2019Homan LeagueDavies, AlanFowler, JamesDiv4: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
Prem: South Hams v Newton Abbot Abbots
1838Thursday14 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, CliffWillcox, ChrisRap1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1857Thursday14 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenDoble, ArthurRap1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1872Thursday14 Mar 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, BenDavies, AlanRap1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1920Thursday14 Mar 2019Levy LeagueCollins, TonySweetman, BarryRap1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1839Thursday21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, CliffAshby, KenDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1840Thursday21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeaguePeach, CliffGreenhalgh, RoyDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1877Thursday21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueHurt, TrevorGreenhalgh, RoyDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1880Thursday21 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, ArthurWillcox, ChrisDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1865Thursday21 Mar 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, JamesLevy, SteveDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1928Thursday21 Mar 2019Homan LeagueFowler, JamesMcConnell, PhilDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1921Thursday21 Mar 2019Levy LeagueCollins, TonyZaffiro, ZakDiv3: South Hams v Plymouth
1858Thursday28 Mar 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenWillcox, Chris
1826Thursday28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, PhilArcher, David
1866Thursday28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, JamesWilkinson, Ben
1874Thursday28 Mar 2019Homan LeagueDavies, AlanLevy, Steve
1859Thursday04 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenThomas, Richard
1881Thursday04 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, ChrisDoble, Arthur
1827Thursday04 Apr 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, PhilLevy, Steve
1849Thursday04 Apr 2019Homan LeagueArcher, DavidDavies, Alan
1860Thursday11 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenPeach, Cliff
1903Thursday11 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueWillcox, ChrisThomas, Richard
1850Thursday11 Apr 2019Homan LeagueWilkinson, BenArcher, David
1867Thursday11 Apr 2019Homan LeagueSchofield, JamesDavies, Alan
1892Thursday18 Apr 2019Dunleavy LeagueDoble, ArthurAshby, Ken
1823Thursday18 Apr 2019Homan LeagueMcConnell, PhilFowler, James
1851Thursday18 Apr 2019Homan LeagueLevy, SteveArcher, David
1898Thursday25 Apr 2019Homan LeagueFowler, JamesDavies, AlanRap1: South Hams v Plymouth

For convenience, club fixtures occurring during the next 4 months are shown below.

DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway Team
Thursday21 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Div4South HamsNewton Abbot
Saturday23 Feb 2019DCCA MamheadMamhExmouthSouth Hams
Wednesday27 Feb 2019TCL Division 4Div4PlymouthSouth Hams
Thursday07 Mar 2019TCL Division 4Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar School
Thursday07 Mar 2019TCL Premier LeaguePremSouth HamsNewton Abbot Abbots
Thursday14 Mar 2019TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsNewton Abbot
Thursday21 Mar 2019TCL Division 3Div3South HamsPlymouth
Saturday30 Mar 2019DCCA MamheadMamhSouth HamsBarnstaple
Monday15 Apr 2019TCL RapidplayRap1PlymouthSouth Hams
Thursday25 Apr 2019TCL RapidplayRap1South HamsPlymouth